the under-fugly

The unfolding scandal in Washington DC sparked a fantastic conversation between a few of my close friends and I.  CIA DIRECTOR PHIL PHILANDERER AND GENERAL GIMME SOME.

"Fer Shame. Fer Shame." said Gomer. 

So do I. 

We were talking about the gray haired military wife of the CIA Director.  The one pictured on all the news casts.   A character in this sad affair that will only get the crap end of the deal no matter what.

Its obvious that not many will want to write her book.
 She won't go on a press tour defending her name.
Press releases won't be crafted to save her career.

She's "just the chubby grey haired wife."

She has to pick up the pieces of the family life I'm certain.
She has to dole out the hugs and will be FAR TOO BUSY shielding them to garnish money off of her husband's "tail."  (chasing)

Is this what happens in marriages of THAT many years? 
When FUGLY knocks on the door? 

The leather gets a little worn.
The seats stained.
The window doesn't roll down anymore without pushing it with your hand.
The electrical system is malfunctioning.
The tires are bald.

We're freaking FUGLY.

 It's the natural flow of things.

Fugly is coming for all of us-- I get this. 


 FUGLY gets traded. *hissing*

Tsk. Tsk. 

Isn't a marriage REALLY about the UNDER-FUGLY anyways?
This dude missed that memo.


My  new campaign. 

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Cameron said...

You, my dear, could never be FUGLY!!! Just sayin' (=